Pimp My Machine

My trusty ol’ Rancilio Silvia espresso machine now has a new friend — a Rancilio Rocky grinder! One of my flatmates purchased it, and the two machines make a lovely couple.  (I bet we’re the biggest coffee nerds on the block.)

Also, this weekend I added a special type of controller called a PID to my Silvia in order to achieve a more stable brewing temperature. This prevents the espresso from having a burnt taste due to water that’s too hot, or from coming out sour due to water that’s too cold.  I’m getting much more flavor out of my espresso with the PID, and a significantly more consistently colored crema.  It’s very spiffy!

Also: I added a new FAQ section, <a href=”home/about_the_espresso_guy”>About the Espresso Guy</a> (that’s me!)  If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ, as always don’t hesitate to <a href=”home/feedback”>ask</a>.

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