Alcohol and espresso

Alcohol and caffeine may seem like an odd combo at first, but try a couple of these "laced" drinks and I’m sure you’ll find the world’s most popular drugs make a great team. Just be sure to drink plenty of water with these, you don’t want to get dehydrated. It’s not as bad as Four Loko, but still.

Alexander Espresso: Break a cinnamon stick into a few pieces and throw it into a shot of espresso. Mix with two teaspoons of creme de cacao and one teaspoon of brandy. Float whipped cream on the drink, and sprinkle chocolate powder on top if you’re feeling fancy.

Clear Espresso: Two shots of espresso with an ounce of everclear.

Irish Cream Latte: Just what is says — a latte with Irish cream in it. (You can also use Irish cream flavoring for a non-alcoholic version.)

Corrected Espresso (Espresso Corretto): Two shots of espresso, one shot of grappa.

Thanks to HaJo Schatz for this recipe.

Corrected Espresso (cognac version): One shot of espresso, one shot of cognac.
Thanks to Jessica Grittner for this recipe.

Espresso Martini: Double shot of espresso, dash of Kahlua, and fill the glass with vanilla-flavored vodka. Shake over ice. (From here)

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