Espresso alone

Sometimes simplicity is best. This is especially the case when you’re using high-quality beans and you want to savor the flavor of the espresso itself. But if you liked to do things without embellishment, you’d have skipped over this intro already and started reading through the recipes. So I could say anything I want here and nobody would ever know! But I’m too lazy for that. Read on (like you haven’t already.)

Espresso Solo: One shot of espresso (one to one and a half ounces.)

Espresso Doppio: A double shot of espresso (two to three ounces.)

Espresso Ristretto: This is a very strong, thick shot of espresso. Use two shots worth of coffee, but only one shot worth of water.

Americano: Water down the espresso with however much hot water it takes you to fill a standard (eight ounce) American coffee cup.

Espresso Lungo: Pull the shot extra-long, until the coffee coming out is a bit clear. Tastes bitter (but it has more caffeine.) Or, this can also be another name for an Americano.

Espresso Romano: Serve a shot of espresso with fresh lemon peel. This is an American creation, so don’t look for it in Italy.

Have a recipe or two you think I should add? Send it to me!