The millionaire’s home espresso setup

Max Levchin is no ordinary espresso geek; as the co-founder of several companies including PayPal, he’s an espresso geek with a few hundred million dollars in the bank. So what’s his home setup like?

Forbes brings us the answer. Levchin’s equipment includes:

  • La Marzocco Custom GS3 ($7,000)
  • Naked portafilter ($95)
  • Versalab M3 Grinder ($2,285)
  • Reg Barber tamper ($69)
  • Reg Barber knox box ($150)
  • Acaia Pearl Black Scale ($150)
  • Espresso Parts Scace 2 Espresso Machine Thermofilter ($600)
  • Set of six Espresso Parts cups and saucers ($38.64)

Total: $10,387.64

Now for most of us, spending over ten grand on espresso equipment seems a little questionable. After all, that would buy you a shot of espresso at an expensive cafe every day for about a decade!

But for some of us making espresso at home is more of a hobby than a cost saving measure. I’m sure that’s true in Levchin’s case. Still, even if I had millions of dollars, I don’t think I’d spend $150 on a knock box. That’s just silly.

(All prices are in USD.)

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