Super automatic machine… with milk frother?

I’ve seen super automatic espresso machines that can grind, dose, and pull a shot of espresso any way you like.

But the newest trend, reported by CNET, may be super automatics that can take care of the milk for you. The latest machines from Miele can not only make espresso, but automatically steam and froth milk for your cappuccino, latte, macchiato, etc.

Of course I had to check out this machine for myself. A salesman at the local upscale kitchen supply store demonstrated the unit for me, and it was surprisingly good for an all-in-one super automatic machine. For a bit more, you can buy a tiny little refrigerator to keep the milk cold. I’m sure that’s not very energy efficient, but it’s a neat idea.

I’m not sure what more they could add to these little machines. Maybe it could roast the coffee beans? Or grow the coffee for you? I just hope they don’t make one that drinks the espresso for you.

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