Starbucks espresso has “notes of turpentine”

I’ve never made it a secret that I don’t like Starbucks’ espresso. For a chain so associated with espresso beverages you’d think they could do a good job with the main ingredient, but that would require a level of detail and quality control that Starbucks has never attempted to achieve.

Now I’m not saying I won’t order something from Starbucks when I’m stuck in an airport and need to stay awake. But espresso? No way.

I know I’m not alone in dismissing their espresso, but some feel more strongly than others about it. According to a recent article by Jon Sufrin titled Eating Gross Things: espresso at Starbucks, the espresso at Starbucks is “one of the grossest things you can buy, anywhere, period.”

He goes on to conclude that:

The texture is watery. There is little to no crema. It has notes of turpentine, tar and botched moonshine, the kind that makes you go blind.

Now, that may be overselling it just a little, I don’t think anyone has gone blind from drinking espresso at Starbucks. But I can appreciate what he’s getting at. Still, I encourage anyone who likes espresso to try ordering one at Starbucks — sometimes watching a bad movie helps you appreciate good movies. Espresso is the same way.

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