No, there’s no gender basis for enjoying espresso

I’m a guy who likes espresso. This shouldn’t be new information; it’s kind of in the name of the site, isn’t it?

Yet I was more than a little skeptical of an article that popped up in Google News titled Why Men Like Espresso More Than Latte? Questionable headline grammar aside this was from a site I’d never heard of, The Good Men Project. Okay, I try to be a good man! You’ve got me hooked: is there some reason men prefer espresso over lattes?

Well… probably not.

The article starts out with a brief explanation of espresso and its history, before describing a study that caffeine has a stronger effect on men than on women. It doesn’t name or even link to the study, but even if we take the alleged conclusion as a given what follows is truly a stretch:

Espresso is kind of drink men want more than latte because of its authentic flavor. A latte is just milk and has almost no coffee in it according to most of the men. And as caffeine has more impact on men than women, men love to drink espresso more than latte as the concentration of caffeine in espresso in more than a latte. We can say that espresso is more like a golden drink for men. Espresso shots and lattes: they’re from two inverse sides of the espresso-based drinks available.

Let’s put the spam-like poor grammar and small factual inaccuracies about what a latte is aside to consider the core argument here: since men are more affected by caffeine, they prefer the flavor of caffeine. Huh? The article makes no attempt to connect these two tangential points.

Even if — and this seems like a big if — men somehow are more affected by caffeine than women, it’s quite the leap to suggest a gender difference in the preference of espresso vs. espresso-based drinks without any further evidence whatsoever.

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