Long overdue updates to the site

No my dear readers, I have not forgotten about you. I’ve just been… busy. But now the site has finally had some updates in the form of fixing some broken links. Plus I’ve added this little news post you’re reading, but you know that already!

I’m still doing my best to answer the mail I’ve been getting. I get anywhere from two to ten e-mails a week. If I can’t answer your question directly, I’ll always do my best to redirect you to where you could find the information.

I may add some new content in the near future. However, don’t get your hopes up about a home coffee roasting page. I’ve moved into an apartment that makes roasting nearly impossible due to the smoke and the smell. Too bad! If I find a place where I can do some roasting again I will definitely get that article up.

Now to end this on a fun link: Mark Frauenfelder from the always entertaining Make Magazine showed Martha Stewart his creations on her show, including a coffee roasting device and a modified Rancilio Silvia. That’s the same machine I use and the same modification I’ve made. Check it out.

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