Homemade espresso machines

Occasionally people ask me if there’s a way to build an espresso machine from scratch. My answer until now was “probably not.” Even if your own labor is worthless, by the time you buy all the parts it’d come out cheaper simply to buy a machine someone else made.

Still, some people are not put off so easily. These people hear the calling, and that calling says “build an espresso machine.” So let’s take a look at what two folks have built in their spare time.

Turns out it’s possible to build a very simple espresso-making device for about $30. Sure, you could just buy a moka pot for your stove, but this is more creative. And it looks sort of like a large gun.

Another guy took homemade espresso machines to the next level, building a very professional machine from scratch. He’s even got a PID temperature controller and pressure gauge on that thing.

So there you go, folks. Yes, you can build an espresso machine at home. It’s possible.

Now stop asking.

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