An espresso machine — in your car?

Sure, making espresso at home is great and everything, but what if you don’t have time? Could you make espresso in your car?

According to USA Today, the 2013 Fiat 500L will let you do just that. One of the 500L’s options is an espresso machine complete with Lavazza coffee pods. I have to admit, sometimes I like the way Italians think.

Aside from it being a pod machine I wasn’t able to find any technical specs. I’d guess it’s a steam-powered machine given the size.

There’s a chance this is more of a publicity stunt than a real feature given some of the drawbacks:

  • Machine this size won’t produce great espresso
  • Electric heat draws lots of power
  • No mention of milk (sorry cappuccino and latte drinkers!)
  • Some safety concerns over at Gizmodo

Personally I’ll stick with sipping my espresso at a relaxing zero miles per hour.

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