Car engine espresso

Some people think espresso machines are a luxury item. Personally I think there’s still good values if you’re willing to hunt around. But with the price of some of the machines (and some of the coffee beans) it can be hard to disagree.

The new machines from Espresso Veolce that are shaped like powerful car engines certainly falls into the category of silly luxury items, however. It seems like a novelty item for people who like both cars and espresso.

As Gizmodo points out, the machines do not currently have a price, but (emphasis mine):

given the V12 is going to be limited to just 500 units and is made from such materials as titanium, magnesium, and aluminum, you can safely assume they will cost a small fortune.

Little is known about Espresso Veolce — I’ve certainly never heard of them. For all I know the whole thing could be an early April Fool’s joke. But as they say, truth is often stranger than fiction.

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